I knew I wanted to be a therapist when I began volunteering at a women's hotline while at the University of Southern California. Later as a graduate student at the University of Miami I was fortunate enough to have an amazing Marriage and Family Therapy professor who showed me a completely different way of looking at psychological issues. Instead of focusing on what was wrong with the individual you look at the whole family or the relationships. If you can help people change the way they interact with each other you can also change the way they see and experience themselves. I was hooked and knew I wanted to work with families and couples. That kind of work has been a focus of mine since then and I continue learning and being excited about my work over twenty-two years later. 

I have also focused on working with trauma and PTSD with individuals. I worked with the elderly and children after Hurricane Andrew.  I also worked exclusively with sexual abuse survivors and the non-offending parent for ten years and continued that work when I started my practice in 2003.  Because the agency I worked for focused on sexual abuse, the training I received was from the most well-known trauma experts in the field. I was also fortunate enough to work at an agency where the director believed in giving us the best training from the most well known experts in the country. I believe my experience and training with families and relationships complements my work with trauma, especially childhood trauma. Understanding the dynamics that are a part of an abusive or chaotic family is a large part of thinking about traumatic experiences in childhood in a different way. And understanding how your behavior affects those you love and the harm you can cause without being aware of it inform my work with couples.

I love what I do and always stay current by going out of my way to attend trainings and workshops by the living legends in my field. I learned long ago that going to the source is the best way to learn. Whether it is new research or a model for helping clients, I find that after all of these years I am still excited to learn and hone my craft. For all of these reasons I feel confident in helping my clients change the dynamics they feel stuck in and learn better ways of relating.

Please note that all services are available in Spanish as well as English.

License Number MT1611