If you are struggling with depression the symptoms can seem overwhelming. Depression makes it very difficult to summon the energy to do the things may actually help you feel better. It can be difficult to go out with friends, get up and go to work or even reach out to a friend to just talk. Knowing whether these symptoms are true clinical depression or situational depression helps. With clinical depression the sadness, lack of energy, not wanting to do enjoyable things, a change in appetite or sleep is a constant for at least three weeks. That means you don't have moments you feel a little better and then feel bad again but it is a constant low. With situational depression you may experience all of these symptoms but you do have ups and downs. And the symptoms are always brought on by an outside situation such as your spouse wanting a divorce, the loss of your job, your youngest child leaving home, an illness, etc. Therapy can help with both of these, although with clinical depression a combination of medication and talk therapy has been shown to be the most effective form of treatment. There may be difficult decisions you need to make that make you feel overwhelmed, a lot of unknowns that can be scary or underlying beliefs you have that are keeping you stuck. With all of these things talking to a licensed psychotherapist can help clarify what you can do, what is out of your control and give you the support you need to make positive changes.