As an intern in the state of Florida you are required to complete two years of full-time work under the supervision of a Qualified Supervisor. If you are a Mental Health or Marriage and Family Therapy intern I am able to supervise you.  I have been a Qualified Clinical Supervisor in the State of Florida since 2000. I have supervised interns while working at The Children's Pyschiatric Center and The Journey Institute, both non-profit agencies in Miami. I also provide supervision in my office. Due to my extensive experience in working with families and children where there has been trauma as well as with couples I believe I have a great deal to offer therapists just entering the field as well as those who wish to continue honing their craft. I have received training in couples therapy from the Gottman Institute and primarily approach my work with couples using his model. I believe the Gottman model offers practical and useful tools for many of the common problems couples come in with. Over the years I have seen couples turn around very difficult situations and begin to communicate differently. This framework offers couples help right away in turning around gridlocked situations and gives them hope to change the patterns in their relationship. 

When working with trauma I use much of John Breire's approach and his model of Complex Trauma. This is an excellent, compassionate and extremely comprehensive framework for helping clients who have suffered through childhood trauma. It gives clinicians a road map for processing the trauma while knowing what to look for in keeping clients in that therapeutic window, bringing down their level of activation if it is too intense and lowering it if they are too disconnected.  I have been trained in EMDR and attended a psychodrama training group for four years as well.  The tools I have learned through both of these has helped give me tools for both helping clients approach the trauma material and decreasing the physiological triggers associated with trauma.

My approach to supervision is to help you find you own style that works for you while adhering to what is recognized as best practices. I believe each therapist has unique gifts that they bring to their work with clients and supervision should be a vehicle to help you find these gifts. If you have any questions regarding supervision please feel free to contact me either through email or by calling my office.