I have been a psychotherapist since 1993 and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 1996. In the more than two decades I have been practicing I have focused on helping couples get their relationship back on track and helping clients overcome anxiety, PTSD and depression. For the first ten years of my career I counseled those who had experienced childhood trauma. I worked with adults and children affected by various forms of trauma from survivors of Hurricane Andrew in Homestead to those who had experienced childhood abuse. I have also worked with veterans and military personnel. Once I started my own practice in 2003 I began to focus more on couples therapy. Currently my practice focuses on all three of the areas of anxiety/PTSD, depression and relationship counseling. Through my experience and ongoing training I have been able to help many people get through very difficult circumstances. Many times my clients come through stronger and freer than they thought possible. I use practices and techniques that have been shown through research to be the most effective. 

Please note that all services are available in Spanish as well as English. 


Couples Therapy

Couples therapy involves both of you making changes. Most couples get stuck in the same vicious cycle which plays itself out in many areas of the relationship or marriage. If you feel like you are going in the same circle and getting nowhere, never solving problems or coming together, or having the same argument over and over, couples therapy can help. 

Couples Therapy


Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Trauma and PTSD can be very debilitating. Over time if not treated both can impact every area of your life. Learning how to manage the symptoms as well as understand why you have certain reactions helps a great deal. There are ways to learn to manage both trauma and PTSD.

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If you are struggling with depression it can be hard to try to make any changes. It can feel like a black hole you fall into and cannot find a way out of. There is a way out and reaching out for help is a first step.